4 ways mobile technology is enhancing rail travel

Marta Desviat

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Technology is powering all customer touchpoints, and when it comes to rail travel, there are great mobile technology success stories. Nowadays most railways are using innovative mobile systems to reach their customers anywhere, anytime for a more personalized journey. Keep on reading to learn how you could also benefit from mobile technology.

How is mobile technology enhancing rail travel?

  • Automating information: helping travellers to have instant information available. Helping all your operations to be automated, saving time and money
  • Collaborating: to connect the whole travel ecosystem. A great example is SNCF door-to-door services for business travellers. 
  • Personalising: your travellers' journey. Keeping track of your customers’ interests and bookings. 
  • All in one: from ticket booking to ancillary services, all transactions can be managed in a single place.

Station navigation: hassle free

Virgin Trains Explorer APP is solving the stress of walking through an unfamiliar train station. The APP helps travellers find their way around the station. It translates automatically signs, delivers baggage tracking and real-time travel data. 


Time-saving: ticketless rail travel

Flytoget, Olso's airport express train, and Scandinavian Airlines, have created a new app. The objective is to be the preferred option when travelling between the airport and the city centre. With the app, travellers can just purchase tickets directly on their phone, scan the ticket before leaving the airport and head to the train platform. This is how mobile technology can reduce time when purchasing a ticket.

Arrival Oslo Airport - Airport Express Train

Beacon Technologies: TVG PRO

The TGV mobile APP is the essential app for business travellers, making the journey smoother. The traveller can:

  • Exchange an e-ticket right from the phone
  • Get real-time information, including platform, delays or disruption
  • Get access to an exclusive free digital Kiosk, available the day before the journey

SNCF has also implemented beacon technologies in Paris Gare de Lyon, allowing the mobile app to listen to the signals installed in the trains and deliver a response. For the traveller means, that when the train inspector is approaching the coach, the ticket is automatically displayed on the phone.

Towards a safer and more personalised journey

Beacon technologies such as wearables will offer even more touch points with your traveller. Wearables (such as Apple Watch) are starting to be widely adopted, making us even wear our train ticket.

Technology combined with Big Data analytics will allow you to get real-time insights into your customers' behaviour and anticipate to their needs with relevant offers. As a result, the rail travel experience will become more personalised.

Lastly, payments solutions security should be a priority for every mobile app. Collaboration with leading technology partners is key to ensure the eradication of any cyber threat exposing passenger's data. 

Future trend for online travel players

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