Czech Railways on the challenges of the passenger rail deregulation

Marta Desviat

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The Czech Republic was one of the first European markets opening access to passenger rail competition.What are the challenges the main Czech rail operator is facing? We spoke to Zuzana Čechová, Pricing and Marketing Director at Czech Railways

Despite being a land-locked country, the Czech Republic's capital, Prague, is an international rail hub for Western and Eastern-European countries, sharing its main rail domestic lines with the international ones. 

Yet, passenger rail deregulation represents many challenges: infrastructure capacity, tariff integration, and pricing strategies. The main one for Czech Railways is sharing revenues. Followed by pricing strategies and the current competitive situation. 

"Collaborating with other railways means making sure that the cars quality and pricing offer fit our customers' needs"

Czech Railways on rail internationalisation

Technology as an enabler for international rail

For Czech Railway's traveler, technology means having WIFI onboard, something that they are working on to provide on all their routes. For Czech Railways, technology means:

"Technology is not only enabling collaboration but also international rail demand overseas and in Asia."

Czech Railways believe that the airline expertise can bring a lot of knowledge to the rail industry. That's why partnering with Amadeus will help you to get the most out of every seat you sell.

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