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Eve-Marie Morgo

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When we launched Amadeus Rail Display a few years ago, our objective was clear: to make booking rail easier for travel agencies, not only for their national operators but for any railway in any country. By this, we also mean with a single and simple flow for all available railways and with an advanced integration into the travel agencies’ tools and processes. Keep reading to discover the new features of Amadeus Rail Display!

Latest functionalities

We are constantly working on improving the product and adding more functionalities. Last month, we launched the latest one: the selling of rail cards for SNCF, which means that on top of train tickets, travel agents can also sell SNCF cards following the same intuitive graphical flow. This new feature will not only provide another sales channel for railways but will also allow travel agencies to increase their revenues by assuring more sales and to improve their customer loyalty by offering a new service. For now, the following SNCF cards are available for sale:

  • Abonnement Fréquence,
  • Abonnement Forfait Ligne à Grande Vitesse, 
  • Abonnement Forfait sur Ligne Classique.

We have also added new SNCF fares with the addition of "Tarif Congrés’’ and "Agence de Voyages’’, allowing travel agencies to target additional customers. 

Also, it is now very easy for a travel agent to add, reprice and cancel segments of a journey before ticketing within the same SNCF "Dossier Voyage". This reduces the processing work and eases the booking and management of multiple segments. 

We have also added new functionalities to the Swedish rail flow, such as the possibility to immediately distribute SMS tickets to passengers and an improved way to book Swedish rail coach assignment. 

This latest development comes after the addition of exchange and void for SNCF reservations and is fully integrated into Rail Display. Aftersales is as easy as a pie, with only a couple of clicks required to void or exchange a ticket. In the case of ticket exchange, the system will re-book, re-calculate the fare and re-issue the ticket with almost no effort from the user side! 

Last but not least, did you know that Amadeus Rail Display is also available in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, the new generation of the Amadeus Selling Platform and the industry’s first fully online professional booking platform? We'll share more details about this in another post. 


Number 1 rail booking tool


It’s all about content

In marketing, we often say that content is king, and this is very similar in the GDS / travel agency world. “Content” refers to what you can sell: flights, hotels, insurance and of course trains. We are quite proud to say that we have already integrated or are in the process of integrating all major European rail operators in Rail Display: SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar, Trenitalia, SJ, MTR Express, Renfe, Thalys, TGV Lyria, Thello… and there is more to come. The tool can be considered as the number 1 railway reservation software.

Advanced integration

For all these railways, we are not just plugging into their inventory systems, we truly integrate them into the travel agency ecosystem. We make bridges and connections for a very advanced integration into travel agencies’ tools and processes such as customer profiles, PNR, mid and back office feeds. All of this makes booking rail tickets a lot easier, faster and more efficient for the user.

User-friendly interface

In addition, we simplify the booking flow with 3 simple steps, the same ones for all available railways: whether in Spain or in Switzerland, whether for a DB ticket or an SNCF ticket, the flow is the same. With real-time availability and fare comparison in a graphical interface, booking rail becomes really easy and efficient – reducing booking times by over a half! Learn how Amadeus Rail Display revolutionised rail booking at Key Travel.


Rail Display sets the ground in preparation for the opening of the passenger rail market, with a simple and unified way to book multiple railways in any country. At Amadeus Rail, we are very proud to be developing such an innovative tool. We will continue working on new enhancements and the integration of new railways in the coming months. This is essential for us in delivering our vision to simplify the reservation of rail tickets for travel agents, in turn increasing rail tickets sales and railways’ visibility.

Amadeus Rail Display

A dedicated rail-booking tool, part of the Amadeus Selling Platform for our global network of travel agencies. Make your rail...

A dedicated rail-booking tool, part of the Amadeus Selling Platform for our global network of travel agencies. Make your rail offer a real alternative to other transport modes.

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