Rail Display: a brand new user interface and a lot more!

Eve-Marie Morgo

We are excited to announce that Amadeus Rail Display  comes with a new user interface and many new functionalities available to travel agencies worldwide. Read on to hear what is new! 

Fewer clicks, faster bookings

 All Selling Platform Connect and Sell Classic users can now benefit from an enhanced user interface optimizing the booking flow by merging the search, shopping and booking steps into a single step. Additionally, all profile information is displayed at the beginning of the flow in the passenger section. This means faster bookings and better service when booking rail journeys: fewer pages and a few clicks in a new navigation panel. 

Amadeus Rail new ui

New improvements ready for you

But that is not all, we have improved many features that will simplify the rail booking flow: 

  • New navigation and remarks panel: travel agents can select passenger, basket and fare collection view using the navigation buttons and add up to 10 PNR remarks
  • Access the delivery method from the basket and select from the different ticketing options
  • Update your passenger's information with the new fields email, phone and loyalty card

Amadeus Rail delivery method

There are many more improvements in the new Rail Display user interface. Visit Amadeus Service Hub  for more information. In the meantime, if you haven't heard about Amadeus Rail Display, learn how it has revolutionized rail bookings at Key Travel! 


Key Travel uses Amadeus Rail Display to sell SNCF trains in the UK