[VIDEO] Bringing the rail community together

Thomas Drexler

Director of Rail and Ground Travel, Amadeus IT Group

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At the 5th Amadeus rail forum, I sat down with Dan Batchelor to go through the latest developments in our Rail business. The key highlight for us at the moment is our recently launched community platform, jointly developed with BeNe rail, based on the Altéa model for airlines. In my interview, I explored what it means for Amadeus and the wider rail industry.

Amadeus Rail

We believe this platform, open to any rail provider, has the potential to be a key driver in the evolution of the industry as we relieve railways of having the weight of IT on their shoulders, giving them the flexibility and simplicity they need to push forward in their business and focus on their customers. We also think it can unite railways as they join the platform to work closer together and with other players in the rail industry.

You can find out more on how Amadeus can shape the future of rail travel in my video interview with Dan Batchelor, below.


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