Québec City Jean Lesage Airport embraces cloud technology

Marc-André Bédard

Vice-President, Information Technology, Aéroport de Québec inc. (AQi)

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Our maxim, “Passenger First”, is something we take seriously at Québec City Jean Lesage Airport. Our focus is on the traveler experience, and reducing long check-in queues and keeping passengers happy are vital elements in maintaining a positive impression as travelers pass through our doors. As such, we proactively embrace new technologies that help us to better manage the constant flux of passenger volumes.

That’s why we are investing in Amadeus’ cloud technology and working with Cofely as our site manager to deliver a personalized experience for each traveler. The cloud-based Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) will empower us with the ability to provide a more efficient passenger departure experience.

This technology will allow us to access passenger processing services via any web browser, from any laptop or mobile device. Airport players, including airlines and ground handlers, will now have the operational flexibility to respond to peak demand and the ability to remotely check-in passengers should the need arise. We’ll also work with Amadeus and Cofely to deploy self-service kiosks throughout the airport, enabling a smoother experience for passengers and an end to lengthy queues.

We’re looking forward to a number of other benefits as well, including substantial cost and energy savings gained from the removal of expensive on-site servers and reduced operational costs associated with traditional airport IT systems.

For additional details, visit the Amadeus Newsroom.


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