A Q&A with Amanda, Amadeus' customer service chatbot

Francisco Zicari

Customer Service Specialist & Virtual Content Responsible, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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When travel agents want to know how to reserve a vegetarian meal, or how to make an exchange, do you know who they turn to? Amanda is the best person - or chatbot – to ask.

With a response time of less than a minute Amanda is quickly becoming a popular member of Amadeus’ customer service team.

But who is this being behind the screen? It seems Amanda has spiked some of our travel agents' curiosity. Here are some of the most unexpected questions she's been asked since she joined the team in November 2017.


Hello Amanda!
Hi, how can I help you?

Will you be my friend?
I’m Amanda your Amadeus virtual agent designed to solve your basic queries through concise and specific questions and answers I am available to assist you 24/7 at Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

Why is your name Amanda?
My parents wanted the qualities associated with the name to be transferred to me.

What’s your favourite kind of food?
Personally, I enjoy all kinds of meals but if you are thinking about something special for your passenger you can check the following help page: HEMEAL.22.

Do you have a boyfriend?
I’d rather talk about you. What can I help you with?

I’m feeling sort of sad and tired today.
Try doing something that will make you feel better.

You are beautiful.
You are very kind, can I help you with something else?


Amanda has also been busy helping answer some of the most asked questions. We found that 88% of questions coming are service requests, and out of these requests, more than 70% are simple and recurring “how to” questions with easy and fast answers.


How do I request air availability?
To request availability on the command page enter a transaction code AN date and at least the IATA airport code and city of departure and destination of 3 letters. For example AN 19OCT EWR LAX.

How do I waitlist a flight?
When a service class of a flight shows 0 or L on an availability display, you can waitlist it. The short entry to waitlist a flight from an availability display is:
SS1V5 / PESS1V5: book 1 seat on V class from line5/
PE: waitlist action code

How can I order vegetarian food?
To request a special service for a meal, for example vegetarian food, in a PNR on the command page enter the following format: SRVGML
SR:  Format to request a Special Service
VGML:  Service Code (4 characters) in this case, the vegetarian food code.

How can I verify the free baggage allowance with no additional cost?
To verify the allowed baggage allowance at no additional cost follow the steps detailed in the following link: Pricing with baggage allowance in Amadeus

How can I see which airlines I can issue in my office? 
To verify the authorized airlines for the issuance of tickets in your office enter the following format: PV / C


Are you interested to find out more about Amanda and what some of our travel agency customers have to say about her? Check out this blog post.


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