If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything

Angel Gallego

President, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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When I was a teenager I loved sci-fi movies. They had action, excitement and fantasy. I remember watching Back to the Future, where ‘Doc’ Emmett Brown tapped ‘26 January 2014’ into his DeLorean time machine while an incredulous Marty McFly looked on, thinking this magical day was light years away.

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But here we are, in the future that so bamboozled Doc and Marty. Time travel might still be the subject of sci-fi fantasy and the Flux Capacitor a thing of dreams, but the technology and innovation we’ve experienced has accelerated to a point beyond the imagination of the film’s most imaginative screen-writers’ dreams – albeit in a more personal, less fantastical way.

The future is real and it’s personalised

We haven’t figured out how to manage the space-time continuum, but technology has forever changed the way we travel, and will continue to do so.

Amadeus was established soon after the moment Doc’s DeLorean crashed through the time barrier. In that time, we’ve put our minds to applying technology to the real travel world to shape the future of travel in our own way.

In that time, we’ve seen traveller behaviour diversify and grow, especially in Asia Pacific. Implemented the right way, technology offers the personalisation that people crave; allowing every travel experience to meet individual needs and delivering its own ‘back to the future’ moments.

Imagine your hotel knowing how you like your coffee in the morning; your chosen airline recommending movies you’d like based on your preferences; airports with the ability to message you to tell you if your flight is delayed or the gate is closing. That personal experience through technology is closer than you might think and more real and personal than Doc or Marty ever imagined.

Mobile is changing the way we think about travel

In a diverse region that spans from Auckland to Tokyo to Mumbai, mobile technology is a common thread – people’s appetite for mobility is insatiable. This behaviour will deliver higher penetration and uptake of mobile technology than anywhere else in the world. Already there are close to 3 billion mobile users in Asia Pacific, with that number on the rise.

Mobile devices are at the heart of our future personalised travel experience. From requesting an entry visa to buying duty free or choosing where to sit on your flight, mobile technology is not only changing the way we organise travel, but the way we think about it too. Travel providers who aren’t already thinking about mobile need to move quickly to meet their customers’ mobile mind-set.  

“Roads? Where we're going we don't need... roads”, said Doc Brown. Well, we still need roads, just like we still need aircraft and airports to travel but technology is delivering on a set of imagined possibilities in a way that we could have only dreamed of to shape the future of travel.


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