Progress needs real teamwork: why we’re big on partnerships

Altaf Rizvi

Director of Partnerships & Acquisitons, Airlines, Amadeus

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The goal that makes the difference between victory and second place in the World Cup finals is not the work of one single individual, but a complete team of expert athletes working in perfect unison. This sums up pretty much what Amadeus is trying to do with our partnership strategy as it builds a strong roster of players.

We’re excited about what partnerships can do for our airline customers, and for the travel industry. Airlines want to increase revenues, improve efficiencies and deliver memorable travel experiences for their passengers. By creating an ecosystem of partners, we’re helping airlines achieve their ambitions. 

The Accenture Amadeus Alliance’s startup competition Air Pitch is a great example of how we are fostering innovation and collaboration. Volantio, the winner, spent a week at the Accenture Amadeus Innovation Center in Dublin. Our teams explored how Volantio’s buy back technology can be integrated with Amadeus Altéa inventory and revenue management platform in order to deliver a seamless experience and better results for our customers. 

Here’s some of the ways how our partnerships help our airline customers:

A tailor made digital experience

We’re fully committed to open systems. This is central to our partnership approach. Take our partnership with Adobe, a global leader in digital experience.  Our - Digital Experience Suite Open Platform, and our Customer Experience Management solution work together with the Adobe Experience Cloud. This gives airlines unmatched insight into who their travelers are and why they want to travel. Airlines can use these insights to deliver a more engaging and personalized digital experience throughout a traveler’s journey.

Since we announced our collaboration last year, Avianca and Malaysia Airlines have already boosted their personalization capabilities. Recognizing the value we bring, Adobe named Amadeus its Exchange Partner of the Year 2018

Easy cash-in for frequent fliers 

The right loyalty program can be crucial to drive repeat customers and give an edge to any airline brand, and drive additional revenue. Our collaboration with Points makes it easier for our airline customers to improve loyalty currency sales, redemption and engagement with members.

Alleviating stress around flight disruptions 

Flight delays and cancellations can easily be the worst nightmare of travelers and create a significant cost burden for airlines. Through our partnership with Stranded Flight Solutions, we are helping airlines tackle this by empowering passengers to self-manage service recovery during disruptions... Amadeus takes care of the airside details, like rebooking, while SFS supports the passenger with their groundside needs including helping passengers book a hotel, get refreshment, or receive payment in case of overbooking. The result: A smoother recovery experience.  

Better flight schedules 

Flight schedules are a complex but core part of an airline’s offer. Technology can enable schedules that are more profitable, reliable, and quicker and easier to develop. Leading airlines such as LATAMSouthwest Airlines and easyJet use Amadeus Sky Suite by Optym, to develop better and more profitable flight schedules.

These are just some of the line-up in our elite squad of airline partners. In the coming weeks, look out for more on our blog on how partnerships are enhancing how airlines do business and serve their customers. Tune in to find out how we are promoting openness and innovation in travel.  



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