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Did you know that our Touchless Ticketing and Price Optimisation tool just got even better? In the latest release, you can be even more flexible when setting the rules – and automate the handling of even more content. Always with a fast and reliable processing of your tickets.

We have already stated that automation is essential in controlling costs, and that the administrative processes that are not generating any revenues may be the best place to start. Therefore, we are happy to announce this new release of Touchless Ticketing and Price Optimisation, and the even higher level of automation it brings.

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Your business – your rules

The biggest news is the “rule engine”, which allows you to create the rules you need to process the PNRs the way you want. You can edit, add and convert PNR elements. The rule engine is available for all customers using Touchless Ticketing and Price Optimiser. Previously it was not possible to build rules that allowed you to handle all PNRs with the same flexibility as you can now with the rule engine.

Why is this such a good thing? Well, it allows you to spend less time on manual work (e.g. administration and invoicing, ticketing etc…) and concentrate on your core business and customers – and avoid unnecessary errors that will eat up your time.

Examples of rules:

  • Use of a flexible regular expression and variables to identify elements in a PNR to add new elements, convert elements and/or delete. This helps with the end-to-end flow and avoids a lot of manual handling of the invoicing
  • Flexibility to add repricing command to be able to find the lowest available fare for optimization.

Automated handling of even more content

With the new release, you can automate the processing of even more content. This allows you to have an even higher level of automation:

  • Issuance of Light Ticketing carriers
  • Price optimisation of ancillary services which allows you to earn new revenues
  • Ticketing of reiussed bookings
  • Reprice of TSTs & TSMs in other currencies than the original pricing
  • Processing of non-air segments and GK segments


Don’t miss the ancillaries in your price optimisation!

What’s new with the price optimisation, you may be asking. One new benefit is that you can now optimise PNRs including ancillary services – and rest assured that the solution ensures that all services remain in the PNR after optimisation.

About Amadeus Toucheless Ticketing and Price Optimisation

Amadeus Touchless Ticketing and Price Optimisation is a web-based solution that gives you a high level of automation and quality controlled ticketing. It also makes it possible to create new revenues by price optimizing your bookings.

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