Positive vibes across the industry at the IATA World Passenger Symposium 2016

Laura Cobbold

Corporate Communications Manager, Group Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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His comments reflected the open atmosphere that framed the Symposium, which was celebrated last week in Dubai, and hosted by Emirates airline. Many of the buzzwords remain the same as previous years, such as the ongoing calls for "innovation" and "collaboration" - but there was a strong feeling at last week's event that these are starting to bear real fruit.


 "There has been a big change at this year's IATA World Passenger Symposium," remarked Christoph Mueller, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Emirates, during a speech at the gala dinner on Wednesday evening. "This year, you're all being nice to each other!"

Our conclusions

More than 800 industry leaders came together at the event to discuss how to achieve the necessary changes that will continue to enable travel for the world's growing population. With the number of global passengers set to double by 2035, and challenges ahead in the form of infrastructure and capacity constraints, travel players have to adapt and fast.

It was clear from the event that airlines, airports, travel managers and other providers are aware of the need to work together to achieve this change, as well as to welcome new entrantsin the form of start-ups who may help to bring the missing pieces to the puzzle.

Disruption, and how to deal with its knock-on effects across the travel chain was one of the key topics discussed. This is one of the areas that requires full scale collaboration to address. Due to Amadeus' unique role as a technology player and service provider with connections across the travel ecosystem, we see that we have an important role to play in helping to solve this industry challenge.

Watch our video on the Symposium to learn more from our customers and partners on the issues discussed at the conference:


IATA World Passenger Symposium 2016


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