Continued progress across all our businesses drives positive Q3 financial results

Alba Redondo

Financial Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus

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Amadeus today announced its Q3 financial results. During the first nine months of 2017, we achieved adjusted profit of €846.7 million, 14.7% more than in the same period of last year. This was supported by 8.9% revenue growth, to €3,686.6 million, and an increase in EBITDA of 10.1% to €1,466.3 million.

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These positive figures were possible thanks to the strong operating performance in Distribution, Airline IT and new businesses. A consolidation effect from the integration of Navitaire (which we acquired in January 2016), also contributed to our positive financial evolution in the first nine months on the year.

In Airline IT, we signed a significant deal with Air Canada, which contracted the full Altéa suite, as well as a range of other Amadeus IT solutions such as Anytime Merchandising, Customer Experience Management, Payments and Passenger Recovery. The airline was also among the carriers that signed or renewed content agreements with us during Q3.

In our Distribution segment, travel agency air bookings grew 6.0% to 434.4 million – outperforming GDS industry growth of 4.4%. Bookings grew across all regions, with Asia and Pacific and Latin America registering the higher growth levels at 11.6% and 11.5% respectively.

As for our new business, Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus, commented: “Our new businesses also performed well, showing the strength of our diversification strategy. We expanded our Hospitality portfolio with Premier Inn, which signed up for the two key capabilities (CRS and PMS) of our Hospitality Platform to be able to offer a personalised experience to its guests. The hotel chain also signed up for our payments platform to streamline payment processes”.

Our Airport IT customer base also increased significantly, with agreements with airports around the world such as Calgary in Canada, Pittsburgh in the U.S and Baku in Azerbaijan.

“Given the steady progression of our businesses throughout these past nine months, we look forward to the rest of the year with confidence”, Luis Maroto explained.

To learn more about today’s results please take a look at our financial results Q3 2017 infographic, read the press release, or visit the Investor Relations website, where you will find all the documents filed with the stock exchange authorities this morning.



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