[Poll] What is the biggest benefit of personalisation in the travel industry?

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Creating a more personalised travel experience not only benefits travellers, but also travel players by presenting them with new merchandising opportunities. A truly personalised and dynamic shopping experience has the potential to help airlines unlock more than US$130 billion in additional revenues by 2020.

But, we wanted to hear what you thought the biggest benefit of personalisation was in the travel industry based on the results of a poll we hosted on shapethefutureoftravel.com.

So, we asked and you answered:

36.21 % - Improving loyalty

Most of you indicated that personalisation has the capability to improve customer loyalty. Perhaps, it’s that perfectly organised holiday by your travel agent? Or maybe you’d be more loyal to a travel agency with the ability to anticipate and react to travel disruptions with alternative options just for you?

27.59% - Increasing differentiation

After improving loyalty, many of you though that personalisation can increase differentiation. Could it be that travellers are more likely to recall your offers if they are distinctively personalised to their tastes giving them the feeling of being a VIP?

25.86% - Reducing costs

Some of you think that reducing costs is the biggest benefit of personalisation in the travel industry. Imagine being able to inspire travellers with exactly the right offer they are looking for at exactly the right time. This would undoubtedly help you make better use of advertising budgets and even lower costs in the long run.

10.34% - Increasing margin per customer

Surprisingly enough, increasing margin per customer was seen as the least significant benefit of personalisation in the travel industry. Could it be that the above mentioned are much more powerful elements or that you've yet to read our posts on using personalisation to drive sales and how it can increase basket size by as much as €12-15 for airlines?

What’s your opinion? Did we miss any benefits? Surprised by any of the results? Let us know!


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