New report explores different perspectives on the future of business travel

Rajiv Rajian

EVP of Business Travel Agencies, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Travel is about many different things, including the journey, the destination, and the purpose. But what is common, is that today’s travellers want to be in control of their experience – whether travelling for leisure or business. They want choice and they expect services to be tailored to their needs.

corporate travel report

In 2015, we published a paper on Managed Travel 3.0exploring these themes. It looked at how business travellers were becoming more connected; how the travel ecosystem was more integrated; and how many trends were driving greater empowerment for travellers. Today, we are launching a new paper on this subject: Better Business, Smarter Travel: Perspectives on the future of Managed Travel 3.0.

We developed this paper to help us all step away from our day-to-day work and think about the future. This report offers new ideas about how business travel is changing. It provides inspiration for thinking about how Travel Management Companies (TMCs), and corporations, can approach travel programmes. It offers insights into changing traveller expectations, technology evolution, and new ways to manage corporate travel, focusing on how best to maximise the opportunities ahead.

The dual trend towards increased personalisation and greater connectivity has continued to shape our experiences and expectations. The pace of change is swift. New entrants continue to disrupt the travel ecosystem. Many companies operating in the sector have demonstrated agility in responding, at speed. The prize is to add value in a way that delights and serves today’s travellers in the virtual, digital and mobile marketplace.

The challenge for all of us is to understand, and act upon, the changes which are shaping our market. At the same time we need to identify the opportunities that exist for corporations and TMCs in this changing environment.

We are committed to working together to make the most of the opportunities present. This paper is a collection of perspectives from Amadeus experts. It offers new ideas about how business travel is changing and provides inspiration for thinking about how TMCs, as well as corporations, can approach travel programmes.

I look forward to listening to your ideas, and sharing many more conversations, as we work together to power smarter business travel.



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