Personalizing the trip is essential to the experience for Spanish travelers booking online

Francesca Benati

SVP, Online Travel Companies, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa, Amadeus

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The travel experience is rarely just about the flight or hotel. Spanish travelers know this well - many are thinking of details well beyond the usual when they book travel online. In fact 9 in 10 would like their travel website to keep them informed about airport transfers, while 85% would like to know about experiences at the destination and three quarters about airport lounges.

Regarding the flight itself, being able to manage the full experience - from selecting seats to choosing meals – is important for 89% of Spanish travelers. Perhaps this explains why many Spanish travelers favor a PC or laptop when booking online over a mobile phone - to clearly display and control all the different elements that go with a trip. 

In any case understanding these and other insights could be vital for online travel retailers that wish to successfully target travelers in Spain. These and other findings are part of the Digital Footprints series of reports that aim to discover online travel needs across 14 markets.

What do travelers really want when booking online? Who influences them in their choice? What puts them off from finally booking? And how does this differ across countries?

These are some of the questions that are tackled in Digital Footprints. The sample for this survey consisted of over 1,000 Spanish adults who have been on holiday within the past year and use online travel agencies. Here's a more detailed look at some of the findings for Spain:

Mobile is on the rise but Spaniards prove still more conventional in their online travel choices

Despite rapidly growing mobile usage, two thirds (66%) of the Spanish adults sampled prefer to use a PC or laptop when browsing offers and destinations online compared to 24% who prefer using their mobile, increasing to 37% among those aged 18-34. Meanwhile just 10% prefer using a tablet. With such a large proportion favoring a PC or laptop, we can deduce that having a clear display of information on one screen is of high importance to Spanish consumers.

Personalization is a passport to a better online experience

Nearly three quarters of Spanish travelers (72%) today would like more personalized travel options with 57% of these saying they would be happy to share personal details if it meant speeding up the overall online booking experience. Consumers shared that they would also be more likely to join a travel loyalty club if it meant they received more personalized offers and discounts.

Nine out of ten (89%) of those surveyed feel confident that paying for travel online is safe and secure when using travel brands that they trust but 74% would like to see more payment options offered.

Travel and the environment could be a key differentiator

OTAs with a strong eco-tourism offer have a strong opportunity to target Spanish travelers - two thirds (65%) would be interested in hearing about alternative destinations that would have less of an environmental impact, increasing to 74% among those aged 18-34.  Almost three quarters (73%) also say they would like to know how various modes of transport differ in terms of their environmental impact. Despite these concerns, 63% say they would only opt for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport if it was equal in every way to the original option.

Want to find out more? Download a copy of Digital Footprints: Discovering Online Travel Needs in Spain and look out for other market reports that have been published with more to come here.

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