Personalised travel key theme of upcoming Economist event

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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Leveraging technology to create more personalised travel experiences will be key in shaping the future of travel. But how will the industry evolve to offer more personalised services? How will technology connect all travel stakeholders to create more personalised experiences?


Tomorrow’s Economist event will explore these questions and more. Personalisation is a theme we have covered previously on this blog. Check out the selection of posts below:

United Airlines and Premier Travel Management talk personalised travel

How can travel sellers and providers make travel more personalised for their customers? Amos Khim, Managing Director of Distribution, United Airlines and Marty Knupp, Vice President of Sales, Premier Travel Management, examine this question and more in this two part video interview.

Mobile World Congress emphasises importance of personalised travel experience

MWC 2015 brought out the who’s who of tech for the year’s biggest mobile event and personalisation was a topic of hot debate. This post recaps the event and offers some interesting takes on personalisation in the travel industry.

Interpreting the dreams of travellers for a more personalised experience

Stefan Dapper, Managing Director of TUI Spain, says that travel agents have the ability to interpret people’s wishes and dreams. In this video interview, Dapper also says that personalisation will play an important role in helping travel agents accomplish this feat.

Instant vs Personalised; the next online travel dilemma

Online search is becoming more and more instantaneous, predictive and a conversational experience for users, but is instant search compatible with personalisation? Sébastien Gibergues, Amadeus’ Head of Leisure and Online Travel, takes an in-depth look at this question in this post.


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