Empowering travellers with personalised shopping options

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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To do this – travellers must have a much more connected and personalised shopping experience across all devices – allowing them to enjoy a singular experience, whether they are looking for inclusive on-board packages or cross-selling offerings. Smart personalised analytics will allow ancillary product and service options to be delivered based on personal preference and past behaviours using detailed customer profiles and discussions with travel companions.

Personalised ShoppingInspiring travellers is the first step to creating more enhanced and personalised services – the next step is to refine business or leisure travel requirements and provide a short-list of appropriate and personalised trip options that meet specific needs in real-time.

Personalised packages and branded fares can increase basket size by as much as €30-35 and €12-15 respectively for airlines, while peer recommendations can increase conversion by 2% - according to our Thinking like a retailer report.

Providing travellers with personalised shopping options is part of our vision to power an open, intelligent, dynamic and customer-centric global travel ecosystem that seamlessly connects airlines, travel sellers, airports, hotels and all other participants in the travel industry.

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