More personalised services start with travel inspiration

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Providing enhanced and more personalised services to connect travel providers, in an intelligent and open global travel ecosystem in real-time, starts with providing travellers with a sense of inspiration.


An intelligent global travel ecosystem means travellers or their travel planner can search dynamically online, using just an approximate budget, a desired activity or an idea of timeframes.

An interactive map will provide all of the possible trip options instantly and users can create their own collaborative experience, connecting with anyone, anywhere, anytime, using real-time social planning.

We’ve been actively working towards this vision with creations like our prototype Soiree mobile app, which won a TNOOZ THack eventfor inspiring travellers by socially connecting lovers of specific destinations.

Additionally, our Affinity Shopper technologywas the winner of a PhoCusWright Innovation Award in 2011 whilst our Travel Seeker app allows travellers to browse hundreds of flights and fares directly from their tablet, scoping the weather, activities and points of interest.

Driven by the demand for more personalisation, we’ll continue to create the tools for travel providers and travel sellers to continually and consistently inspire their customers to create the journeys they deserve.

Have a look at our interactive infographicfor more on our vision to shape a personalised future of travel.


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