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Irene Lam

Legal & Business Planning Analyst, Amadeus Hong Kong

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Travellers often want to “escape the city” and “get away from urban stress” but perhaps forget to explore their own cities. Sometimes the simplest things can bring you the greatest joy. I spent my summer back in Stockholm, a place I call home. I was eager to explore the city from another perspective and, is there a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to go on an adventure than on two wheels?

Stockholm is perhaps one of the most bicycle-friendly cities I know, with smooth pavements, an ideal 24 degrees temperature, crisp air and a sun that never goes down during the summer! The bike appthat I came across is so simple, yet so ingenious. It enabled me to reserve and personalise a bike to my needs. I did not have to worry about parking or the bike being stolen. I could map out journeys with precise travel times and best of all, I could pick it up or drop it off at any of their 100+ stations – so convenient!

As I was cycling through summer trees, I was free to go anywhere I wanted. I did not have an itinerary to follow. I finally stopped at a scene that was worth pausing for, the breathtaking evening sunset that seemed everlasting. People always say there is no place like home - that also applies when you are on holiday at home.

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