Helping airlines make sense of their data – How Amadeus is solving the riddle  

Pascal Clement

Head of Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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Over the past few years, the travel industry has really begun to embrace data – and, in particular, the way data analytics can help improve their business. When understood correctly, data can help companies make informed decisions about their operations and grow revenue and expansion opportunities.

Helping airlines make sense of their data – How Amadeus is solving the riddle

But the constant multiplication of data makes that information difficult to manage and process. Consolidating data is also a challenge, as it is fragmented and comes from different sources and in different formats. Also, the combination of volume and variety in the data leads to slow processing, which results in decisions being made on inaccurate insights.

The cloud-based, open architecture technology behind Amadeus Performance Insight comes as an answer to all of those challenges. Due to Amadeus’ data management capabilities, there is no limit to the amount of data Performance Insight can handle, making it suitable and scalable for airlines of all sizes. In addition, Amadeus’ in-depth understanding of data ensures that the fragmented data sets are processed in an efficient way, resulting in data being connected and leading to fast and reliable insights.

Helping airlines make sense of their data – How Amadeus is solving the riddle

Data Dashboards

By using Performance Insight airlines can, for instance, get a clearer picture of their performance against projections across the business including revenue and profitability, market share, and customer loyalty. Personalised dashboards mean C-level executives and staff in the sales, marketing, operations, and revenue management departments are getting the information relevant to them, ensuring they can make more informed decisions.

Having this level of insight allows airlines to be more proactive across the board and better plan their growth strategies. For example, Air Vanuatu has found that Performance Insight allows them to spend more time focusing on understanding passenger needs and trends, and using that insight to inform their business strategy: Performance Insight – and data analytics in general – gives Air Vanuatu rapid insight without having to spend time manually inputting and analysing information.

As airlines have a better understanding of their own performance, they will be able to take advantage of growth opportunities and better serve the market.

There are endless opportunities for airlines to use business intelligence and transform data into innovative and actionable insights. Our dedicated data scientist team and Business Intelligence specialists are devoted to helping our customers achieve exactly that.

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