PerfectStay: The power of belief is what makes partnerships thrive

Laurent Curutchet

Co-founder and CEO, PerfectStay

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‘Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around’ – Henry David Thoreau’s words probably come closest to describing what the four of us set out to do when we co-founded PerfectStay three years ago. Having been in the travel space for quite a few years, we know how competitive the market is. Instead of being just another B2C player, we decided to become the only true, full B2B tour operator that would help brands create and manage their holiday package business.  

It was purely on the strength of this belief that we went to see our first potential client. That potential client was Air France, and the fact that we were able to convince them to trust in PerfectStayhas to be one of our proudest moments. What we created for them was La Collection Air France that allowed its clients to not only book a flight but also a package to all the destinations that the airline flies - for example, a beautiful holiday destination like the Maldives.

Extraordinary support and a chance to prove ourselves  

When we started, we used Amadeus Web Services to feed flights into our system. Why? Because Ludovic Bailly our co-founder and CTO, had worked with Amadeus and find its technology to be the best in the market. There we were – a startup with absolutely no experience or history going to one of the industry’s leading travel technology companies in Amadeus. 

To hear the Amadeus team, say, “OK, we’ll give you a chance, and provide you with what’s needed for your technology to perform” – was another big moment for us. This speaks to how dedicated Amadeus is to helping startup travel companies launch, grow and succeed – they even have a whole programdedicated to it! The most important thing when you are an up and coming startup is to be trusted by a big company – in other words, to be given a chance to show that you can perform and grow your business. Thanks to the extraordinary support we received from Amadeus and from Air France, we’ve been able to build strong relationships across the travel industry, and succeed.

The right team with the right partner and the right technology

From day one, we wanted to be one company that would do everything. This meant gathering a team with all the skills needed to deliver. That’s why we are four founders in this adventure, combined with 130+ employees, all of us with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds.  

On top of this, with Amadeus Master Pricer Instant Search, our sourcing teams find the right deals to dynamically build packages in a quick and easy way. The result is a winning formula that makes PerfectStay really stand out in a busy market. 

Our partnership goes well beyond technology though - in the space of two years working with Amadeus, we’ve been able to significantly grow our presence internationally, expanding into eight new countries. And that’s just the beginning – through its reach, scale and partnerships, Amadeus is actively connecting us with other major players in the industry. Now, we looking forward to the next page in our growth story. We’re confident our solid partnership with Amadeus will continue to keep us well on this upward trajectory!

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