A perfect trip for Ms. Smith

Jorge Elliott

EVP of Travel Content Sourcing, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Ms. Smith wakes up early, gets ready for her day, grabs a cup of coffee and steps out her apartment building. The airport transfer is parked outside, waiting for her.

The driver already knows the flight number and terminal, and since the traffic is light today, Ms. Smith arrives to the airport well in advance. On arrival, Ms. Smith receives a notification on her mobile with an offer for her favorite restaurant in the terminal. She happily accepts. 

While enjoying her meal, flight information is sent to her mobile device. A few minutes prior to boarding, she is offered various options to make her trip more pleasant: Priority boarding, Wi-Fi on board or a seat with extra leg room. These options of course, are all based on her previous buying history. Today, she selects Wi-Fi on board to prepare for her upcoming meeting.

With no delays or cancellations, Ms. Smith is ready to go. But should the flight experience some disruption, Ms. Smith would have been offered access to the VIP lounge or quickly re-accommodated in the next flight, which would also trigger her airport transfer to be automatically rescheduled. 

Ms. Smith’s trip is a truly seamless end-to-end experience from home to her customer’s office door. An experience that is being permanently backed up by the expert customer service and the first-class technology used by her travel agency. So smooth, that Ms. Smith doesn’t even remember what specific tool she used to book. Whether it be the online booking tool, travel agency app, or directly over the phone, it doesn’t matter. It’s thanks to the combination and synchronization of these technologies, that she can benefit from a truly personalized tripwherever she books – convenient and hassle-free.

Behind the curtains 

What Ms. Smith doesn’t know is that her travel agent is behind every part of this journey and every offer that popped up on her device. Her agent had access to all types of travel options from multiple sources, so it is always easy to find an option that responds to both traveler and travel agency business needs. And all of this travel content was prioritized, tailored and displayed on all devices and points of sale that Ms. Smith could use – be that her laptop, mobile, or even through the website chatbot.

Additionally, Ms. Smith’s travel agency has been working with the best revenue management system, enabling the travel agency to cross-sell and up-sell at various points throughout the journey. And with simplified payment processes the travel agent is relieved from any repetitive and low-value tasks. This means that Ms. Smith’s travel seller can focus on what is important: providing their customer with a truly excellent service and anticipate any possible need – whilst capturing every sales opportunity possible.

The backstage of Ms. Smith trip is complex and dynamic. It requires massive IT infrastructure and a wide collaboration network across the travel industry. This certainly does not happen overnight but we’re well on our way to this delivering this vision. 

This is precisely the reason why at Amadeus have been evolving ourTravel Platform. We are developing an array of powerful management features in our solutions which allow travel agents to define content sources, displays, preferred options, payment systems and more. This means travel agents around the world will be able to develop and personalize the right offer for each traveler and optimize each and every trip for all the Ms. and Mr. Smiths of the world. 

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