Pen Portrait: How will Social Capital Seekers plan their travels in 2030?

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Meet Fionnula. She’s a 20 year old Irish student travelling on her second gap year. Fionnula is lying on the grass in St. Anne’s Park, Dublin, on an unusually hot weekend in April, thinking about how to boost her online following.

posing for a picture


Looking out over the pond, with the beautiful follies around, she gets the hazy sense that there is something nice, maybe Mediterranean-like, about this afternoon, something she can’t put her finger on.

Where it all began

She takes a photo, and tags it with a temperature and atmospheric reading from sensors embedded in her smartphone. She then tweets the photo to a travel specialist account with a budget range and consent to use her social media data in forming a response. Within the hour she receives a reply with three envelopes, each containing a heavily-discounted personalised offer based on the service’s interpretation of her photo, as well as gleanings from her list of followers and social media activity.

Amused, she creates a poll on the social media site where her best-travelled friends hang out. “Which one should I pick? She gets an unusually large response – her social media analytics tell her that this post received 50% more clicks and 60% more likes than anything she has shared in the past 12 months. Maybe this deal is worth a closer look…

A few days later and Fionnula is snapping a selfie at the Temple of Isis at Pompeii, pretending to prop up a column, and her feed is ablaze. She had set the lifelogging device around her neck to 24/7 record from the moment she arrived, and her stream is steadily attracting growing numbers of viewers.

Reaching out to the audience

Subscribers are also sent an automatically-edited highlight-reel from her day, based on her check-ins at areas of interest, noise levels, heart rate, and her cortisone levels.

She is sure to fill her days with beautiful sights and quirky attractions from her area, and barely takes a moment’s rest. On one day she uses a geolocation function within her social app to locate other social influencers in the area. She goes to the beach with one popular vlogger from the area – they both know that two famous faces in a video are better than one. She spends her evenings managing her feeds and producing a daily vlog.

When she returns home, she receives a number of messages through her professional social network from travel brands inviting her to visit Naples, Genoa, Sicily... next time, and enjoy discounts and VIP services.

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