Pen Portrait: How will Reward Hunters plan their travels in 2030?

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Meet Celine. She’s a 60 year old French business executive. Celine is an entrepreneur who has recently sold a successful business and continues to consult in her chosen field of financial services; she is also a member of a luxury travel club. What began as a way to inject some tranquillity into her ever-hectic, jet-setting working week, evolved into what she and her new friends jokingly refer to as a ‘cult’, informing every aspect of her travel, and providing her with a way of experiencing the most indulgent and self-centred activities the world has to offer. After all she’s earned it.

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A few years ago, a retreat opened in the Huayhuash cordillera in Peru, set in stunning landscape only selectively opened up to tourists. It commands a high premium as a result, but Celine feels it is worth it. Her total-life-tracking app, weighing up the volume of her work commitments, her stress levels, her sleeping patterns, pops up with a notification one Thursday afternoon: “Tough week? You have a free weekend ahead (is that correct?). Peru?” She confirms that that is correct to her knowledge, she contacts her personal concierge service, outlines her requirements and they book her usual first-class overnight flight for the next day, to arrive on Saturday morning.

Skipping the normal baggage and check-in processes, she meets her airline VIP personal escort in the lounge who arranges for her to proceed to security. She shares her bio-ID, naturally, which lets her pass through security as quickly as possible using a password encoded from real-time heartbeat data, the maximally-invasive but minimally time-consuming option for travellers.

During the flight, she tells her wellness app to monitor her sleep, lies in the foetal position and watches the window-display projecting an enhanced image of a perfect skyscape.

She touches down at a small airport three miles from the retreat as the crow flies. Her concierge has arranged for a luxury limousine to collect her directly from the rear of the airport where the VIP travellers are able to exit smoothly and quickly. Her baggage is automatically shipped to her hotel.

When she arrives, she is greeted by a staff member who knows her name, sets her up with a complimentary foot rub, and takes her to her room, with all her settings – lighting, climate, preferred water temperature – pre-installed.

All talk of the vulgar world of money and business is strictly taboo and is left at the door, so she pays cashlessly as she consumes by scanning her smartband against connected hotspots, such as the entrance to the sauna.

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