Pen Portrait: How will Obligation Meeters plan their travels in 2030?

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Meet Seonyeon. She’s a 26 year old PR Manager from South Korea. Seonyeon wants to make a good first impression with her new client by attending their first meeting in person. Even though the teleconferencing system in the office is good, it’s no substitute for a face-to-face conversation as a starting point for their partnership.

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She knows the procedure by now. She logs into her mobile workplace app – which keeps her timesheet and contains a messaging hub just for the employees at her office, who are currently scattered all over Asia on business. The app allows her to track and validate expenses with her office manager. After entering her travel requirements, she is soon messaged by an online travel agent with the best deal within the automatically allocated budget.

She is provided with a hotel room close to the airport, which she feels is a shame as she has never seen much of the location of her meeting, Tianjin. She decides to use some of her vacation allowance and improvise a half-day excursion around the city. But not until the meeting is out of the way – she could never enjoy herself with that on her mind.

Keeping Informed

The app maps out the quickest route to the airport, which happens to be by train, but she scales up the ‘scenic’ coefficient for the return journey, and contacts a service to deliver her car to the airport on her return.

A few hours before her flight, a severe weather warning stalls all flights from the airport. She receives a notification, with details of the contingency plan. She is irritated, and worried about her punctuality but by way of an apology for the inconvenience she is put on the first plane taking off when the weather clears, her seat upgraded with more leg room, and her contact notified at intervals of her progress. As it happens, she is not too late, and her client is sympathetic.

She spends the waiting time working on the airport Wi-Fi and shopping at unmanned duty-free stores. She creates and selects a scent using an olfactory sensing interface, builds a model of a bottle to be 3D printed, and sends it to be delivered on the morning of her daughter’s birthday next week, paying with a swipe of her smartphone.

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