When reaching your destination needs expertise, passion, and global presence

Renaud Nicolle

Head of Specialty & Networks, Global Customer Group, Amadeus IT Group

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Beyond the logistics side of their businesses, shipping companies and humanitarian organisations all rely on their workers and volunteers to reach remote destinations at a given day and time. In the marine & offshore industries, the cost of immobilising an asset such as a vessel or an oil rig is in the range of a hundred thousands of dollars a day. In order to avoid this, the travel logistics of the people operating them need to be arranged perfectly. There’s very little margin for error. The responsibility of handling a group of young students during their educational tour overseas is also huge – they may be unused to long distance travel and are in your hands. Fortunately, there are ‘Specialty Travel Agents’ who are experts at serving such group of travellers to make sure they get where they need to on time, and safely.


Speciality travel agents

These special groups of travellers range from vessel crew or oil rig workers flying to remote offshore locations, to students looking to go on a round-the-world trip or language programme, to humanitarian volunteers reaching natural disasters in order to bring relief. One size doesn’t fit all in travel – and this is particularly relevant for the travel agencies that focus on servicing these customers, with passion and a deep level of expertise in their respective areas.

We are proud to serve leading global specialists such as ATPiSTA Travel,EF Education First, and Raptim. These niches have in common special fares granted by the suppliers for seamen, student or humanitarian travellers, with specific conditions adapted to the respective travel pattern which is often characterised by long distance, non-standard and multi-leg trips.

How can Amadeus help?

At Amadeus, we can meet these needs. Our global reach, combined with our superior airline content and pricing capabilities for complex itineraries, means that we are perfectly suited to manage such bookings. In the case of last minute flight changes because of disruption or crew rotation changes, our travel agency customers can benefit from the 124 airlines hosted on our Altéa PSS. Through the full visibility that we have on the PNRs shared with these airlines, they can deliver a proactive service and access to the very latest seat availability. And because of the global nature of their business, these agencies need a global partner with the right presence to accompany them throughout their operations and service their customers 24/ 7. We have a meaningful presence in 195 countries around the world – so our people are on the ground where our customers need them, to provide support and access to relevant content.

In our Global Customer Group, we have a team dedicated to these global specialty customers to further develop our understanding of their specific needs. We learn to speak their language and aim to increase the value we bring to them. Together, we can continue to shape the future of travel!


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