Partnership with Availpro increases reach of LinkHotel brand

Mattia Torta

Senior Global Hotel Account Manager, Global Hotel Group

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An important factor in our growth strategy is working with a number of partners who offer complementary services in the hotel sector, and have a good existing relationship with hotel properties. Such collaboration can deliver 360 degree solutions and services to independent hotels and smaller chains. One such example is the recent Amadeus partnership with Availpro, a software company specialised in providing online direct booking solutions for hotel websites.

To provide some useful background to this partnership, let's first update you on Amadeus LinkHotel. Amadeus LinkHotel offers distribution, sales and marketing services to independent hotel properties and smaller hotel chains. In targeting this sector, Amadeus LinkHotel is filling the historical gap of providing independent hotel content on the GDS, the absence of which previously forced agents to source hotels outside the GDS environment. With our membership base of over 5,000 properties, we can help match booker demand with a property portfolio that meets agents' needs.

Until recently Availpro offered GDS distribution indirectly to its hotel users. Now, by joining the LinkHotel brand (under chain code OI), direct GDS distribution has been secured using Amadeus technology. Availpro currently works with thousands of hotels worldwide, and plans to expand membership across Europe in the next 12 months. This represents a fabulous opportunity for the LinkHotel membership base to grow exponentially as more Availpro customers opt for GDS connectivity. The first 100 hotels are due to switch this year with many other properties ear-marked for LinkHotel implementation.

When we asked Availpro's CEO, Philippe Lamarche, the secret to their success, he commented: "Our vast industry background as travel agency owners gives us an in-depth understanding of the needs of hoteliers and travel bookers. Coupled with our simple, clear business model - a fixed licensing fee per validated booking - and ongoing development of hotel-friendly e-commerce tools, we represent an affordable and comprehensive distribution solution for the smaller, independent hotel."

For more information on the Availpro partnership, please send me an email.