Discover Europe by train thanks to a new partnership between Deutsche Bahn and Amadeus

Alexander Mokros

Head of International Sales Account Management, DB Vertrieb GmbH

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Have you ever tried to book an international train journey? Easier said than done. Rail operators have no standardized offer or booking process, which can be a real pain for travelers having to look at several websites to book their tickets, often in the railway’s local language, and receiving several tickets in different formats.


This is whyDeutsche Bahn(DB) has partnered with Amadeus to develop a new booking engine that overcomes this limitation and enables passengers to book amazing rail journeys across Europe in one place.

DB customers can buy cross borders trips outside of Germany on bahn.de, bahn.com and via our mobile app DB Navigator.

At present we offer tickets for journeys from the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB, French SNCF Group (including SNCF long-distance and regional services, Thalys, Eurostar and TGV Lyria) as well as for long-distance services from the Italian state railway Trenitalia.

This meansrailtravelers can now purchase a trip from Munich to Naples or from Paris to Bordeaux on bahn.de, bahn.com and DB’s mobile app, DB Navigator, while having full visibility of the different offers and their conditions throughout the purchasing process, all in one place.

We have seen the demand for international train tickets increasing steadily in the past years and we will integrate other European railways in the future.

We are very happy to see our customers embracing this new ability to book international rail journeys and to discover Europe from a train window.


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