Painting a clearer picture of business travel around the world

Laura Cobbold

Corporate Communications Manager, Group Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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Last year’s landmark report, Shaping the Future of Travel, showed us that western business travel behaviour has adapted following the global financial crisis. It’s also changed around the world and we’ve been following some interesting regional and global corporate travel trends.


In Africa, a business travel researchstudy we commissioned found that mobile is becoming the dominant means of Internet access in the region, indicating the need for travel players to assess their mobile strategies accordingly and create better business travel programs.

This fondness for mobile is echoed in Europe, where business travellers are becoming more and more ‘techy’. As a result, travel agencies need to learn to better cater to the needsof ‘techy’ business travellers by offering them more personalised experiences that are stress free and seamless.

But how can travel players meet the expectations of tech-savvy business travellers? By understanding who they areof course. These ready-to-go travellers need integrated business and leisure travel, a permanent connection to their families at home and they also crave an opportunity to experience local cultures and amenities after the business meetings have ended.

Making business travel better isn’t just about data or technology, as we found out at last year’s GBTA Conference in Berlin, rather it’s about “using technology to connect with people and improve the user experience”.

In Asia Pacific, new researchshows that corporate travel managers need to better understand employee needs and embrace the benefits of technology so they can create more successful business travel programmes.

Finally, our report Understanding tomorrow’s traveller, investigates the ‘Obligation Meeter’ travel tribe, which is primarily composed of business travellers.

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