Our culture: the key ingredient to our success [video]

Huibert-Jan Evekink

Director Employee and Brand Engagement, Amadeus IT Group

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Eighteen months ago we set off on a journey to discover what we believe in and what holds us together.

Seeking to understand what our values mean to us, if they have evolved since being introduced, and making sure that they still apply in complex and rapidly changing environments – we conducted sessions at 10 Amadeus sites spanning the globe and gathered feedback from over 250 employees.

Here's a video that shows the collaborative journey we undertook to obtain our core values.

Our culture: the key ingredient to our success

From this exhaustive research we identified the values and behaviours that serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

Customers first

  • We listen carefully and work as partners
  • We keep our promises
  • We are committed to our customers’ success

Aiming for excellence

  • We strive to achieve outstanding results in a competitive market
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We innovate and welcome change

Working together

  • We respect and embrace the diversity of all people and cultures
  • We collaborate positively across teams
  • We communicate clearly and act decisively

Taking responsibility

  • We are accountable for our own work
  • We act as owners and use company resources carefully
  • We continuously develop our skills and knowledge  

These new expressions of our time tested values will enable us to keep growing and adapting to an ever changing world.

Awarded as the Best IT Company, Amadeus is a global company with a diverse range of employees – we are united by our common goals and values – and this innovative expression of our culture is the cement that will continue to hold us together in the future. Over the coming months, we shall be holding employee workshops across 10,000 staff to discuss and think about their significance and what behavior they should inspire.