Our continued commitment to CSR

Tomas López Fernebrand

SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Amadeus IT Group

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The latest such initiative took place at Amadeus Sophia Antipolis premises in France. It was called “Week of Social Responsibility”.


You may not be aware but Amadeus has actually been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility activities since the beginning of its operations. In fact, we are committed to support social and economic improvement in all local communities where Amadeus is present.

Employees were made aware of the convenience of sorting and recycling as part of "Green IT'tude  - 35, 000 kilos of paper as well as 500 kilos of bottles and cans were recycled as part of this initiative since 2010. A total of 10 containers (7,000 litres) of clothing were collected for NGOs. Additionally, some 182 units of blood (containing 450 millilitres each) were collected –with Amadeus securing 350 donors, contributing with 600 units per year. As a technology partner, Amadeus developed the software "Resadon" which allows donors to reserve a time slot to give blood and is used by the French Blood Authority for its blood centres.

At the end of this week, a partnership was inked with the Laurette Fugain Association –created after the French singer Michel Fugain’s daughter died of leukemia.  This initiative aimed at further increasing awareness of employees of the importance of giving in all areas (plasma, blood, bone marrow, organs). Fifty people had the opportunity to register on the international roster of bone marrow donors right at their workplace without the hassle of going to hospital. Amadeus is the first company to support this type of collection that requires a medical team of five nurses and doctors for a whole day.

To find out more about Amadeus CSR, please visit http://www.amadeus.com/amadeus/x185782.xml


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