Our bolder approach to technology

Jean-Paul Hamon

EVP Development, Amadeus IT Group

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Throughout our 20-odd year history Amadeus has always tried to foster a bolder approach to innovation and technology.

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Our transaction-based business model offers IT solutions to virtually all players in the travel industry. This allows travel companies to convert certain of their fixed IT and distribution costs into variable costs that fluctuate broadly inline with traveller volumes.

Amadeus' world-class technological excellence has its roots in our worldwide network of R&D centres. Amadeus has R&D teams in Sophia Antipolis, London, Bad Homburg (Frankfurt), Antwerp, Sydney, Bangalore, Miami, Boston, Munich, Aachen, Toronto, Paris, Bogota and Bangkok. These help us to maintain close contact with our customers and enhance our global reach.

They are where tomorrow's solutions for the travel and tourism industry are being created.

Sophia Antipolis is Amadeus' central headquarters for R&D activities and is based in the science and technology park 20 minutes from Nice on the Côte d’Azur. Sophia Antipolis is home to over 1,300 companies which employ some 30,000 people, over half of which work in IT.

Have a look inside our Sophia Antipolis development centre and find out more about our IT vision, and how we’re constantly working to innovate for the future traveller.

Our R&D enables us to offer some of the boldest, most advanced business tools available in the market. That’s partly down to the investment we make in R&D. Amadeus is ranked number one in Europe and amongst the first in the world in R&D investment in the travel and tourism industry.

Look at the figures. Between 2004 and 2009 Amadeus increased spending on product development by 66.2% and in 2009 alone we invested over 3,300 man-years in R&D.

Over the years, we’ve also established close collaboration with research teams in leading institutes throughout the world, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston (on revenue management mathematics) and ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - in Zurich (on high performance systems engineering).

Our bolder approach to technology is obtained through talent, R&D, and partnerships with world-class organisations. This has been and will remain our recipe to maintain our technological leadership position.