Our aspiration to be better

Philippe Chereque

EVP Commercial, Amadeus IT Group

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Throughout our entire history at Amadeus we’ve always aimed to be better for customers – both travel providers and sellers as well as travellers themselves – and in turn to make our customers better.

This means we’ve always tried to be customer focused and one area that that focus is evident is the way in our global reach. By spreading central support functions, such as travel technology development, and data processing across different countries, we can offer completely reliable ‘follow-the-sun’ service.

We aim to be wherever our customers are, and we often get there ahead of them, with solutions that empower them to scale or adapt their business model to new markets easily and cost-effectively.

Our customers want to face the future with confidence. They want to be better just like we do. Amadeus is their technology partner with two decades of experience and proven results to show for it.

We measure our achievements by the success of our customers. Our own growth depends on our ability to help other travel businesses grow and diversify, reach new markets and launch new products.

Amadeus delivers results by developing new technology to overcome the barriers that travel providers and sellers face. Our solutions help our customers to reduce costs, increase revenues, access new markets and improve the experience of both leisure and business travellers.

We’re Inspired by our customers’ ambitions and driven by a continuous investment in the technology of the future. Partnership with Amadeus means that we can all be better.