Optimized runway capacity despite bad weather: MUC first to use Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager

John Jarrell

Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group

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For example, when faced with adverse weather conditions, arranging for a snow plow is second nature to many airports in geographies that see frequent snow. However, incorporating de-icing processes into the flight departure sequence is a complex process. Without advanced technology, this can have a marked impact on operational efficiency, as runways cannot be used to their fullest capacity.

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Airports across the world are handling more and more travelers, often without the option of increasing runway capacity. We’ve all experienced a delay of some kind at the airport, whether it’s caused by a problem with the aircraft, a lack of staff or bad weather creating a backlog of flights seeking to depart.

Amadeus and Munich Airport have been working together since 2012 to develop a flight sequence manager solution that would optimize the order in which aircraft should depart from their parking stands based on key performance indicators (KPI), preferences and pre-defined criteria. Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager includes a module to consider the time needed to complete de-icing processes for aircraft or the impact of thunderstorms.

Munich airport is already seeing benefits that include reduced slot wastage, reduced waiting time at the runway head and improved turnaround times, all of which contribute to more flights leaving on time and improved travelers’ experience

In addition toairport operational efficiency, this also translates into less aircraft taxiing and holding time on the taxiway, lowering fuel consumption for airlines and limiting CO2 emissions.

In crowded European markets where space for new runway capacity is at a premium, airports are seeking to deliver greater throughput with existing assets. Achieving operational excellence is therefore more paramount than ever, and the right IT solutions are instrumental in unlocking hidden efficiencies.

Michael Zaddach, Senior VP Information Systems at Munich Airport describes the decision to work with Amadeus in today’s announcement.

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