Four questions you need to ask if you want to optimise business travel spend

Arlene Coyle

Global Head of Corporation Sales, Amadeus

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Global business travel is predicted to hit $1.6 trillion in 2020. Our study found that 47% of corporations believe the optimisation of the expenditure on travel itself has reached its limits. The next frontier is how to optimise indirect costs, such as internal travel procedures and expense reimbursement. To manage these indirect costs, integration between the booking process and expense management is necessary. The questions you now need to be asking are:

Four questions you need to ask if you want to optimise business travel spend

How does your organisation access travel content?

Looking for savings at expense time is like counting the calories after eating the chocolate cake. It's important to get the best travel offer that is most relevant to the traveller and corporation at booking time. This is achieved by: a) Having access to a complete range of content, and b) Being able to aggregate that content, providing choice based on an advanced search that takes into account policy, price and past history. This is the role played by the global distribution systems (GDS) within a managed travel process.

How are you automating travel expense?

Having an automated expense management tool can enable you to create new revenues, as well as having a more rounded travel policy. Amadeus cytric Travel & Expenseallows corporations to manage travel, from planning to reimbursement, in an easy and cost effective manner. By automating expense management you can potentially save 65% of indirect business travel costs, according to PayStream– these could include airport transfers or restaurant expenses, for example. In addition, by having access to a full range of content on the corporate booking tool, you can additionally save 20% on direct travel costs.

Are you controlling your investment in travel?

With an automated travel management system you can be sure that your corporate policy is present across the entire servicing, booking and expense flows. This allows you to retain control and visibility over the strategic investment you are making in travel, while responding to the needs of your travellers before, during and after the trip.

Are you making your traveller’s lives easier?

Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense helps booking become more relevant and personalised. The user experience is adapted to the preferences and booking history of the traveller. Reporting is quick and easy and the tedious task of sorting through receipts after a long trip will be a thing of the past! With cytric Mobile Companion, you can manage your expenses on the go, so that that when you’re filing that expense report most of the work has been done for you.

Technology is optimising travel spend by simplifying processes and bringing more value into the travel chain. Get equipped with Amadeus solutions today to deliver smarter business travel.