Why Open Source is a key ingredient for innovation

Udo Seidel

Technology Evangelist and Architect, Amadeus

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Open Source has changed the worlds of both IT and business. It all started with the idea of giving developers access to the source code of software to foster innovation. But today, Open Source is much more, evolving to become a development methodology, if not a business model.

udo seidel
Udo Seidel, Technology Evangelist and Architect

My first encounter with the Open Source community

My passion for open source began, funnily enough, as a result of my laziness to code. Had it not been for this, I would have probably been a Mathematics and Physics teacher. Back in the 90s, I was writing a C program to solve a complex system of equations on Windows 95. But as the code evolved, I reached the x86 memory segmentation limit from MS-DOS. There were two options to overcome this challenge: either re-write the code to dynamically allocate and de-allocate memory or switch to an architecture without that memory segmentation. I chose the second option and set-up my computer to run Linux, and immediately got infected by the Linux and open source virus!

I quickly became fascinated by how many pieces of software and their source code I could get access to for free. Being able to tailor them to my needs sounded like a fairy-tale back in the day!

Open Source at Amadeus

Amadeus’ Open Source journey goes back almost 10 years. We now use Apache HTTP servers, JBOSS, Openstack, Docker...and this is just the tip of the iceberg. But our relationship with the Open Source community doesn't end with using these technologies - we're also looking at ways to give back to the community.

Giving back to the Community 

Even though Amadeus is a new name to much of the open source community, our participation is becoming more and more active. Proof of this is our recent collaboration with Red Hat on theOpenshift development and our close collaboration with Google on their Angular 2.0 project. In 2009, Amadeus released Aria Templates under an open source licence. and more recently, a plugin for Stash allowing a better integration withSonarQube, was made available to any developer through our GitHub repository.

Why Open Source is key to innovation

The latest IT trends are based on Open Source technology. Most clouds are based on Openstack, application packaging is mainly done via DockerGIT and Jenkins are used for quality assurance and testing and the Microsoft Windows Containers are also based on Docker.

Innovation and Open Source are two sides of the same coin – they are all about collaboration and sharing. The days when innovation happened behind closed doors are long over. The Open Source approach is the key to unlocking true innovation. And one fact is undeniable – breaking down walls attracts the smartest minds and best technicians to your project.

To learn more about our initiatives related to Open Source, head over to our website.


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