Open innovation and the art of anticipating future technology needs

Juan Giron

Global Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus

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Innovation lies deep within the Amadeus DNA. From 2004 until present we’ve invested €3.8 billion in technology – that’s why we were recognized by the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scorecard as the leading European investor in R&D for the travel sector in 2014.

open innovation

Back in 2012 Amadeus opened its code library to third party developers, while increasingly working in partnership with leading open source and IT players in order to further innovate. More than 5,000 developers in 18 Amadeus R&D centres across the world test concepts and identify the potential of new solutions. They systematically apply the process of ‘methodical doubt’ and try to resolve problems, wondering ‘what if’ with a passion to push innovation to the next level.

Our open innovation strategy

Interested in knowing what’s behind our ‘open innovation’ strategy? Hervé Couturier, Executive Vice President, Research & Development Amadeus, provides a detailed picture.

Amadeus Head of R&D Herve Couturier On Open Innovation

Big data turned into travel intelligence forms the backbone of this fast evolving sector. How can Amadeus anticipate the innovative solutions the travel industry will need in the future? Landry Holi, Head of Innovation, Engagement & Governance, Amadeus, explains the way to permanently track and explore what’s coming in terms of technology requirements.

Amadeus Head Of Innovation Landry Holi On Anticipating Innovation

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