How Amadeus is open, dynamic and connected through the eyes of some Spanish customers

David Vidal

Sales Director, Retail Travel Agencies, Spain, Amadeus

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The Live Travel Space is our new direction in Amadeus’ Travel Channels division. It is a place where our customers can grow and diversify, and is backed by new technologies, the constant flow of innovation and our passionate teams of experts across the world.

So what do our customer think about our new direction? Is it really different from what other travel technology companies can offer them? Are we open, dynamic and connected in our approach to deliver value to our customers’ business?

Here’s what two of our Spanish customers had to say:

Jorge Zamora is General Manager at Servivuelo, a leading consolidator in the Spanish market and part of the retail travel agencies segment. Having the commercial teams closer is key for his business.

“Throughout our business relationship, Amadeus listens and incorporates our feedback. Just very recently, Amadeus has made important changes to its commercial structure to become even closer to us.”

Grupo GEA has been in the market for the last 25 years, integrating independent agencies with the aim of increasing their profitability. Antonio Lara, its innovation director, acknowledges the importance of new technologies such as NDC.

“Amadeus is an open company, listening to our needs and providing us with the newest technologies, such as NDC, while building our long lasting partnership on trust.”

The future is in the Live Travel Space. Come and grow your business with us. Find out more here and check out our brand new infographic on the 8 trends in the travel industry in 2019.


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