Empowering online travel shoppers with the ultimate sales flow

Sébastien Gibergues

Head of Leisure and Online Travel, Global Customers, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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In the surfing world, ‘flow’ is when a surfer rides a wave without reluctance or stoppages from start to finish. The process is smooth and efficient with no loss of speed while they perform their manoeuvres. Though far removed from the beach and the beauty of cresting waves, the online shopping world similarly experiences a ‘flow’ that can be mastered with the help of technology.

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Facilitating the ultimate sales flow starts with powerful tools – such as our innovative search technology – that support online travel retailers through the whole online travel agency supply chain. A key component of this flow is airline merchandising, which has seen a significant increase in uptake from online travel retailers throughout the year. Not only can merchandising empower online shoppers to create their perfect trip, but it can also support conversion and the ‘stickiness’ of an online travel retailers’ brand.

Making it easier for travellers to see all available flight options and empowering them to choose the options that are best for their preferences iswhat the ultimate sales flow is all about. It represents all the cross-sell, upsell and add-ons that can be integrated as part of the search and shopping flow to help online shoppers create the experience that meets with their preferences.

Flight search has been in our DNA for over a decade. Our focus on search technology goes beyond building the best-in-class low fare search solution delivering superior findability and accuracy of results. It also drives the latest trends on the way people shop for travel online. By adding value and services to online shoppers at the right time, we can influence basket size, help online travel businesses in the battle for differentiation, and allow travel players to follow customers through the trip cycle.

So, we’re embarking on a (flight)search journey, a journey that represents our investment and commitment to continuously evolve our search technology in line with online shoppers’ needs. It’s all about fostering conversion through the ultimate sales flow, and, returning to our initial analogy, ensuring that online shoppers catch a smooth wave in to land.


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