Online shoppers don’t want to wait anymore. It’s as simple as that.

Sébastien Gibergues

Head of Leisure and Online Travel, Global Customers, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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Think of all the things you could do in a second. You could blink, sneeze, or simply write the first letter of your name. Now, imagine the attention span of today’s online travel shoppers. It’s not much more than a blink or a sneeze. In fact, the maximum waiting time generally accepted by consumers is a mere five seconds.

KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine, has taken notice of these behavioural changes and together with Amadeus Instant Search Technology, has improved its site speed to deliver even faster results without compromising on accuracy and comprehensiveness.

“Our users expect both speed and accuracy from KAYAK – this is the killer combination,” said Giorgos Zacharia, Chief Technology Officer, KAYAK. He continued, “Amadeus is one of our most important technical partnerships. We enjoy working with Amadeus because they actually execute on innovation and it’s been a great partnership - both companies have been able to drive the travel search experience forward.”

Amadeus’ Luc Viguié, Head of Travel Media, sat down with KAYAK’s European Managing Director, Jan Valentin, to hear first-hand how they’ve benefited from this revolutionary search technology.

Have a look at Jan Valentin’s interview below as well as Giorgos Zacharia’s and check-out the Amadeus Newsroom story for more about our partnership.


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