One billion tourists, one billion opportunities

Juan Jesús García Ph.D.

Head of Industry Affairs Europe, Amadeus IT Group

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that “With more than one billion international tourists now traveling the world each year, tourism has become a powerful and transformative force that is making a genuine difference in the lives of millions of people.” The growth is impressive, but at the same time it poses a challenge to all the sectors involved in this global phenomenon: tourists, businesses, governments, and local communities.

world tourism day

“One billion tourists, one billion opportunities” was this year’s tag line for World Tourism Day 2015, which was celebrated on the 27th of September. The symbolic barrier of one billion international tourist arrivals was surpassed in 2012 and that number is expected to reach two billion in 2030.

How is Amadeus responding to this challenge?

Our technology, our global presence, and our teams play a fundamental role in the continued growth of these tourism flows. At the same time, we’re making the travel and tourism sector more competitive and sustainable. Our agenda of collaboration is also growing significantly on an institutional level.

Amadeus is currently an active partner of key tourism trade organisations such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP), and the European Travel Commission (ETC).

Our partnership with these organisations has produced a number of initiatives that seek to make the tourism sector stronger and more sustainable by doing the following:

  • Building up capacity through joint initiatives facilitating the whole education cycle from secondary school to business school
  • Providing innovative technology that helps in the promotion of travel and tourism like the mobile app and web sitedeveloped for European Travel Commission or the project we are about to start with UNWTO on multimodality
  • Launching joint collaboration initiativesin the area of ethics, corporate social responsibility, and the environment

Amadeus will continue to work in collaboration with all private and public actors to shape a better future of travel. Have a look at the Industry Affairstag page for more posts about some of our key initiatives.


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