Observing the Traveller Tribes in their natural habitats

Miguel Arenas

Communications Intern, Amadeus IT Group

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I was recently on holiday in Mozambique with my family at a spectacular hotel that was right on the Indian Ocean. The hotel was buzzing with tourists and while I was observing them my mind began to wonder which Traveller Tribe each of them would belong to.


I consider myself a Simplicity Searcher. I love visiting and going on trips and the opportunity of seeing new cultures and meeting new people amazes me. But I want the travel planning process to be simple and straightforward.

My brother on the other hand belongs to the Social Capital Seekertribe. From the moment we arrived at the hotel, the first thing he asked me to do was take his picture for Instagram. I was shocked. We arrive at an island, fittingly called ‘Paradise Island’, and instead taking in the beauty of the place, his primary concern was sharing his experience on social media.

There’s no one answer to the question of why people travel, because each traveller has different motivations and belongs to a different tribe. I witnessed this first hand through the actions of a family staying near us at the hotel. The stayed in their villa for the whole day, and didn’t even go near the ocean. Their older daughter seemingly took 50 selfies and posted one every hour of the day on social media. It was hard to classify them, with each fitting into a different Traveller Tribe, but I would guess that their children certainly belonged to the Social Capital Seeker tribe, much like my brother.

The second travellers I observed were a young Spanish couple on their honeymoon. They seemed to want to get away from their hectic city lives, and embraced the local lifestyle: wake up at 10am, breakfast at 11am, morning activity at noon, lunch at 4pm, relaxed all afternoon, and then dinner at 10pm. What are they? They seemed like Cultural Puristsbecause they were actively trying to experience a different way of living while breaking away entirely from their home lives.

Which Traveller Tribe do you belong to? Fill out this Future Traveller Tribe questionnaireto find out and try to identify the different Traveller Tribesyou see out in their natural habitats next time you’re on holiday.