Norwegian’s unique low-cost, long haul growth strategy

Manuel Midon

Head of Airlines, Northern & Western Europe, Amadeus

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Norwegian has always been a pioneering airline with a strong identity. This comes through in everything from its business performance, significant innovations (such as offering on board wi-fi before many other airlines), or the Tail Fin Heroes on its aircraft.

The Tail Fin Heroes depict personalities who have pushed the boundaries in Norway and globally, following the airline’s global expansion. In just 15 years, Norwegian has grown from 6 aircraft serving 4 routes to around 150 aircraft serving 500 routes with 85 long haul routes. And with 200 aircraft on order, their growth is set to continue.

Since Norwegian started flying in 2002, Amadeus has been working closely with the carrier to facilitate its low-cost strategy which has evolved to include long haul in recent years. We’re proud to have witnessed how Norwegian has achieved fantastic growth over the last five years, including 100% growth in bookings through Amadeus GDS.

Now, we’re looking together to the future. Our technology, such as the Amadeus Altéa Suite, supports Norwegian in running its operations smoothly and consistently in every market, while bringing agility to travel agencies selling the airline’s offer. In parallel, the Amadeus travel agency network has enabled Norwegian to adapt its strategy to local market conditions. With Amadeus Customer Experience Management, Norwegian will gain relevant traveler insights, allowing them to drive loyalty through personalization.  

Norwegian, with its leading low-cost long haul model, is investing for the future. A fuel-efficient, modern, green fleet is an important starting point for them to pursue cost-efficiency on new, longer range long-haul routes.

For more on how Norwegian has reached these notable achievements, take a look at this video with Lars Sande, SVP of Sales & Distribution, Norwegian and find out how we’re working together to connect people to the journeys they want.


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