New routes, new opportunities: Norwegian goes global with low-cost long haul

Lars Sande

SVP Sales & Distribution, Norwegian

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Norwegian is a little bit different. We’re not necessarily an ultra low-cost carrier, and we’re not exactly like a full service carrier either – we operate both short and long-haul routes.

New routes, new markets: Norwegian goes global with low-cost long haul

Our goal is to offer affordable fares for all.  The most important thing is to have a cost focus, making sure we operate in the most cost-efficient way. We also aim to get as many passengers as possible with a product that they really appreciate, such as free onboard WiFi.

In 2013, we entered the long-haul market and began operating new routes from Europe to North America and Asia.

Five years on, we’ve nearly doubled our revenue, supported by new aircraft and new routes. Since our first transatlantic service began, we have flown more than 6 million passengers between Europe and the US, stimulating demand on point-to-point long-haul routes and enabling people to take trips they previously could only dream about.

Today, we fly 33 million passengers on 500 routes to 150 destinations with a fleet of 150 aircraft and growing. We’ve also won numerous awards. Just last week, we were named Skytrax’s “The World’s Best Low-Cost, Long-Haul Airline” for the fourth consecutive year.

As Norwegian goes global, travel sellers play a key role in our expansion and success, now accounting for 1 in every 5 bookings. Amadeus is also proving to be a key supporting partner with outstanding results:

  • 100% growth in Amadeus bookings over the last 5 years
  • Over 110% growth in Amadeus bookings for long-haul routes since 2015
  • More than 25% of all Amadeus agency bookings now come from outside Scandinavia

New routes, new markets: Why travel agencies love booking Norwegian

As a growing global airline, it’s very important to get insights on how travelers prefer to pay and book their trips. It’s very helpful to get this kind of insight from Amadeus, and it’s something we need from a partner. The Amadeus Altéa PSS is also very important for us to ensure that things run smoothly in every market.

Just recently, we’ve set up a new airline in Argentina. There are a lot of people taking a bus in Argentina for 12-13 hours and paying the same as a low-cost flight in Europe. So, it’s a big opportunity and very interesting for us to try. We have received approval for more than 150 routes by the government, so this is an opportunity that might end up with 50 to 70 aircraft in just 5 years.

Opportunities for more, longer range routes are opening up, so you will see a lot of direct routes that we’re sure travellers will really appreciate. We’re actually just increasing the number of passengers flying in the world, making travel more accessible for more people to and from more destinations, while also making it much more efficient.

I think this is something that has been started by us and others and you’re just going to see that grow in the future. Read the case study for more on our global expansion with low-cost long haul.


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