Norwegian and Amadeus join forces to raise funds for UNICEF

Bjørn Kjos

CEO of Norwegian

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Air travel gives people the opportunity to experience new cultures and reunite loved ones around the world. And not least airlines create jobs in the air and in the tourism industry. Air travel can also be used to help the most underprivileged members of society. Norwegian and UNICEF have over the past years participated in several activities to collect funds for children in need. Our passengers have always made generous donations, not least when we sent a plane with emergency aid to the Central African Republic last October

norwegian airplane on an airstrip

Since 2007 Norwegian and UNICEF have had a strategic Signature Partnership.  We believe that with the technological expertise of Amadeus we will be able to take this partnership even further to empower more children with the future they deserve.

Now, we are taking this a step further together with Amadeusby giving passengers the opportunity to donate to UNICEF while booking tickets on our website.

Through the Amadeus donation engine, Norwegian’s passengers will be able to contribute funds to UNICEF’s work for children all over the world when purchasing their flights online. A simple click when finishing the ticket purchase is all it takes to support UNICEF’s work for children.


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