Nine expert tips to successfully launch your startup

Dany Agostinho

Innovation Senior Specialist, Amadeus IT Group

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90% of startups fail. Every entrepreneur should bear this in mind. So, if you've been playing around with our APIs, and considering launching a startup in the near future, it is time to learn from the experts!


For the third year in a row, Amadeus has sponsored theEuropean Innovation Academy, a summer school that teaches students from the world's most prestigious universities - and some selected Amadeus employees - how to innovate and launch a startup. Three weeks is all that it takes for them to find the right idea, draft a business model, prototype their product and learn how to fund their project.

If you couldn't make it to the event, or you don’t follow us onTwitter, here's a chance to learn and connect.

Ken Singer - Managing Director, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, UC Berkeley

Launching a startup is all about breaking the status quo. It's an act of rebellion aiming at fixing something that is wrong. It's a personal journey in which you are the hero.

startup rebellion

Presentation:Entrepreneurship, the ultimate team sport.

Gigi Wang - Managing Partner, MG-Team

Don't avoid problems, face them. They are your biggest opportunities to make sure your product actually solves someone's headache and go where the competition hasn't been yet.

problem opportunity

Presentation:Customer Personas & Market Validation

Nick de Mey - Co-Founder, Board of Innovation

A business model isn't just a plan to make money but your organization's philosophy to ultimately deliver value to your customers.

business model

Presentation:Business model assumptions

Jeffrey D. Abbott - Wasabi Ventures

Entrepreneurship is a human journey. If your business model doesn't fit your personality, it might not be right for you.

right business model

Presentation:Thinking big, a scalable business model

Steve Kopp - Head of Innovation Prototyping, Amadeus

Prototyping goes beyond drawing and coding, it's about making sure your product finds its customers.

the right product

David Lamas - Professor of Interaction Design, Tallinn University

Heuristics, cognitive walk-through...there are plenty of UX methodologies for you to test your prototype. Make the most of them!

usefulness usability accessibility

Presentation:Paper prototyping - why, when & how?

Anastasia Ashman - Operating manager , Topaz Ventures

Make sure you implement a strategy to foster word of mouth to grow your business! Customer advocacy is the best way to influence prospects.

trust brands

Presentation:How meaningful community can grow you revenues

Sophie Gironi - Head of Communication, Gandi

You are selling more than a product! You are selling an experience to your customer. Focus on this to build customer loyalty.


Presentation:How to deploy social networks for customer engagement(with Julie Cros)

Bill Reichert - Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures

Track your key metrics to make sure you invest time and money where it really matters. But keep in mind that venture capitalists invest with their hearts as well.

bill reichert

Presentation: How to define and manage your success metrics

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