The next level of personalization with the Amadeus Travel Platform

Hervé Prezet

Director Industry & Expertise, Travel Channels, Amadeus

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The holy grail of personalizationis creating individual offers for each traveler that meet, or even exceed, their expectations and which each individual is willing to pay for. We are seeing various travel players move towards more personalized offers but we’re yet to see this applied at every step of the customer journey – something that would achieve the truly personal end-to-end experience that travelers are looking for. We recently published a blog post as part of this series about the ultra-personalized journey of Ms. Smith.

Through loyalty programs and data analysis, providers are already able to offer various promotions, upgrades and special experiences to their travelers. But there are still many options for these companies to explore, including more customized content for travelers based on their profile and buying history. 

The challenge, for the industry, is having the ability to identify each individual traveler, in real-time, and offer them exactly what they are looking for. This requires next-generation IT infrastructure and technical expertise, as well as  collaboration across the industry. This clearly won’t happen overnight and will take time.

Our goalis to create a solution that allows airlines and other travel providers to distribute their offers to travel sellers worldwide, and for travel sellers and buyers to easily access and compare these offers, and serve travelers simply, quickly and accurately as possible. 

In line with the continual evolution of our Travel Platform, we are developing an array of powerful management controls to allow travel agents to define content sources, displays, preferred options, payment systems and more. This means travel agents across the world will be able to develop and personalize the right offer for each traveler, and optimize each and every trip for their business.

As an Amadeus connected travel seller, you will be able to take greater control and benefit from some powerful features and functionality: 

  1. Content Selection gives you the power to choose your preferred content sources per provider at any given time. We are committed to making available all types of content regardless of the source so you have the ability to choose the content and the source to suit your agency and depending on your own provider relationships and business priorities. 
  2. Preference display allows you, as an agent, to better prioritize provider and fare displays and lets you tailor the content of your display for any point of sale. You can also drive the selection and sequencing of travel offers using your own business rules rather than filtering the regular display. And you can update your content preferences in real-time to take immediate advantage of new partnership agreements. This is an optional display that you can activate to meet your business and customer needs. 
  3. Payment solutions allows you to define and implement your payments strategy and simplify your payment processes. The Payment Orchestration engine allows travel agencies to configure and apply their own rules and automatically choose the best payment option for each trip.
  4. Margin management gives you the ability to display and configure all margin related options (fees, mark-ups, commissions, service fees, discounts, surcharges, etc.) of any given product for any type of content. It provides you with a single margin calculation product that can be used by any Amadeus product with the need of a margin calculation. 
  5. Touchless solutions helps streamline processes and allows you to identify areas for improvement in your business. These advanced solutions can manage time-consuming, repetitive or complex tasks in your agency with the freedom of your own configuration. 
  6. Upsell/ Cross-sell solutions will allow you to capture every sales opportunity and maximize revenues. Upsell and improve conversion with Amadeus Fare Families and Rich content. You will also have cross-sell capabilities in the shopping flow: Cross sell push will remind you to offer ancillary services for flights (seats, bags, etc), hotels, cars, transfers and taxis while booking a trip for your traveler. Cross sell notifier will alert you to offer an ancillary service after a trip has been booked. 

As part of the new Amadeus Live Travel Space, we are continually evolving our Travel Platform and rolling out new intelligent solutions and tools that empower travel agents around the world to further personalize their customer’s experience. All with the aim of enabling travel sellers to deliver a full door to door trip experience to their customers and deliver the personalized experience that travelers are looking for.

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