New research project aims to identify business travel trends in Africa

Andrew Shaw

Online Manager, Regional Solution Centre, Sub-Saharan Africa, Amadeus IT Group

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With a population that has surpassed the 1 billion mark, Sub-Saharan Africa is seen as a prime growth market for the travel industry.

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Through research, we are able to better understand the impact of major travel trends in Sub-Saharan Africa and facilitate discussion in those areas most likely to drive and deliver change.

Already in 2013, in a study authored by Arthur Goldstuck, CEO of World Wide Worx,A Digital Savannah: Africa’s e-commerce promisewe identified five key trends shaping decision making and consumer behaviour as they relate to online shopping preferences and travel booking. The major trend identified is a healthy appetite for online shopping, although the way it is conducted tends to differ significantly from traditional e-commerce systems.

New Partners

Now in 2014, we have joined forces with theAfrican Business Travel Association (ABTA)and Severnside Consulting Ltd (SSC) and other key industry stakeholders in a research project “Neema” to identify trends and best practices related to business travel on the continent.

The first phase of the research is planned for March 2014, and across Sub-Saharan Africa extensive interviews will take place with travel buyers to understand needs, requirements and challenges. This will form a key part of the final research document which will be completed in October 2014.

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