A new rail revolution is due to arrive – but who will be the driver?

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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During the last Amadeus Rail Forum, I had the pleasure to catch up with Chris Clarke, General Manager, Kwittken+Company, to shed some light on the future of the rail industry. Kwittken is a long-standing agency partner of Amadeus', and Chris, having worked in a range of diverse PR and communication projects over the years, has a deep understanding of Amadeus and the travel sector, always holding one eye on the future in particular.

In line with the theme of the forum, “towards borderless rail travel”, I intended to gather Chris’ thoughts on the key drivers of change in travel and rail more specifically, and who the leading acts would be in delivering this change.

Chris highlighted the need for a more personalised travel experience overall – tailoring the offer to the end consumer is something railways still need to learn how to do more effectively if they want to drive their industry forward.

What is clear is that rail travellers have wanted a shift for some time now- to have an easier, faster, better rail experience across borders, from searching to booking and of course travelling.

According to Chris, there will be a significant turning point in the industry within the next three to five years. We will definitely see new entrants into the marketplace that will help to facilitate this evolution.

The real question is whether it will be start-ups, third parties or state-funded railway companies that take centre stage in bringing this change to the rail arena.

What has been missing so far is a unifying entity and a potential catalyst to this change – a function that can integrate the industry’s diverse systems, information and people. The forum unveiled clear evidence that Amadeus has a huge opportunity to undertake here and to fuel a new rail revolution.

Take a look at the interview below and leave us your comments.

Chris Clarke on the Future of the Rail Industry at Amadeus Rail Forum 2014


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