I would also like to welcome the 20+ SAS employees, many of whom are world-renowned experts in the revenue management field, to our company as we work together to uniquely establish a revenue management ‘Centre of Competence’ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

To date eight airlines from around the world already benefit from our integrated revenue management and passenger services system, and to this end SAS will migrate from its in-house Origin & Destination Revenue Management System (ODRMS) to our new solution by early 2015. As one of the first airlines to implement origin & destination based revenue management systems and processes in the early 1990s, SAS has long been acknowledged as a leader in this area.

Due to its full integration within the broaderAltéa suite of applications, Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management significantly reduces the often extensive data processing that burdens revenue management systems.

It offers Altéa hosted airlines a unique advantage with regard to their competitors, providing seamless access to fares, schedules, PNRs, tickets, revenues and departure control system data. This enables those airlines to anticipate and respond to the changing market environment around them, putting in place revenue management practices and availability logic, including personalisation, ancillary services, and dynamic pricing.

This partnership of shared resources and expertise will pave the way for even greater future innovation that will help shape the next-generation of revenue generating products and services for Amadeus customers.